Crystal Clear

A 12 week coaching programme to get crystal clear on exactly who you are, what you stand for and how to communicate with clarity and assertiveness

Most people know they have something special to offer the world and those they lead

Few people know exactly what that is and how to clearly articulate it.



My programme helps leaders discover their unique identity and enables them to communicate with clarity. This makes them inspirational leaders who people are willing to follow

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”

Joseph Campbell




The first step in the process is self discovery, where we spend some time identifying your strengths, talents and unique life theme


Second we align the unique strengths and talents with the core message of the individuals’ life


With our strengths and unique character attributes now aligned, we clarify the mission and create a clear actionable plan for launch



WEEK 1 – Where am I Now?
WEEK 2 to 4 – Discover my Strengths
WEEK 5 – Defining Moments
WEEK 6 – Discovering my “Life Theme”
WEEK 7 – Meaning and Significance
WEEK 8 – Missioneering (Engineering my mission)
WEEK 9 – My Core Message: Part 1
WEEK 10 – Moving forward, looking back
WEEK 11 – Relational stock taking
WEEK 12 – My Core Message: Part 2


What they say about working with Wynand


    The experience was life changing in the sense that it gave me new insight into who I am and into what I am capable of. This means that I can take on new projects, problems or challenges with a new knowledge about myself that can only lead to better things.

    Sarel Carelse
    Science Teacher

  • I knew that if I ever did StrengthFinder, I would want to do it with Wynand as my coach. He explained my strengths in such a light that it opened my mind towards working on them constantly, discerning when to feed them, and learning to appreciate my strengths in forming the person who I am and who I am striving to be. Knowledge is power, you can’t improve on what you don’t know.

    Leon Malan
    Young Professional

  • This process has brought a turning point in my life. I suddenly now have purpose and direction that is no longer unclear or confused. I have a goal, but most importantly I have a plan and know the steps I need to take to accomplish the things I feel led to do in my life. As a result, I have seen (and so have others in my life) real growth in terms of relationships and personal character. Thank you Wynand.

    Bernadien McGeer
    Worship Ministry Leader

  • Wynand is very passionate and exceptionally gifted for coaching. He engages with the heart of a person and desires to see them grow and excel at their gifts. As coach, he understands and explains the content clearly.

    Karien Louw

  • The focus on my strengths was old news academically – but the practical exposure I experienced during coaching allowed me to open my mind to what strengths development really is. If I had done this evaluation earlier in my life my development journey would have looked much different. Had I been able to value my strengths and uniqueness earlier on, I would have had a much greater self-esteem. The improved awareness is a major change agent and a true miracle maker.

    Pieter Esterhuysen
    Managing Director

 Yes I want to…

Know my strengths
Be clear about my mission
Have a Life-Plan
Lead with assertiveness
Achieve my goals
Be influential
Get unstuck
Reach my personal destiny

Crystal Clear

If working with me did not give you more clarity, help you discover yourself and become more assertive, simply request your money back