We were designed for it, we crave it, we can develop it


Do you believe marriage should be one of the greatest experiences of your life? Are you currently struggling to connect with your partner, or would you like to reach new levels of intimacy in your relationship?

All married couples have differences. For many these differences lead to frustration and disconnection for the time being. However, if this disconnection persists it may deliver much damage to the relationship.

This fresh and content-rich book will give you the tools you need to fight back on the elements that cause destruction in your marriage and help you build a connection that lasts.

Book: Connection a journey towards intimacy

CONNECTION a journey towards intimacy is a 4 week devotional course that teaches couples how to work on building a strong and meaningful relationship where differences are celebrated and strengths are aligned to meet the collective goals of the team. The reader of this book can expect to be challenged to grow. This growth will lead you to experience the fruit of peace, hope, and joy in your marriage relationship as it was designed by God.

Like a fruit tree, growing an intimate relationship takes time, but once it has grown we can enjoy its fruit.

The four week process:

Prepare the Ground
Sow the Seed
Nourishment and Growth
Prepare the Ground

Prepare the Ground

The first step towards any kind of growth is preparing
the ground. When I have healthy soil conditions
my tree will flourish. It is the same with a relationship.

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Sow the Seed

Sow the Seed

The seeds I sow will determine my harvest.
If I desire to enjoy the fruit of a healthy
relationship, I need to start sowing the right seeds.

Nourishment and Growth

Nourishment and Growth

Like a fruit tree, a relationship takes time to grow in
intimacy. Continuous care and patience is important
for the insured success of a relationship.



The harvest we get from a healthy relationship is
“perfect love that casts out all fear”. Our aim is to
love with the love that removes fear from the relationship.

Connection Book

Build a connected life together