How to love with God’s love – A poem

How to love with God’s love – A poem

Love from the Source

| A poem on how to love with God’s love |

How to love with God’s love?
On my own I try, but often fail to love like He loves.
I often fail to love with God’s love.

I believe in the words of Jesus’ teaching:
to love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength,
but then He also asks me to love my neighbour as myself.

You see I used to think that this was a task too great for anyone to achieve.
To love so much, to give so much, but that was before I knew grace.

Before grace the task to love fell on me.
Somehow I had to find the strength,
to love like He loved to lay down my life for my friends.

The problem is that I had it all wrong.
Where the law said “do”, Grace said “it’s done”.
The law put all the responsibility on my ability,
but grace says He did it all so I can have victory.
How to love with God's love.
I used to follow this model where I had to muster up the strength
to simply work harder so I could love others better.
The problem was that I still felt like a failure,
even though I was a go-getter.

But now, I’ve found a new way.
You see God doesn’t just dump the responsibility on us to achieve,
He actually gives us the ability to receive.

Grace taught me that when I love the Lord my God with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength
I actually get restored, because in Him I find rest.

By loving God with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength
I placed myself in His embrace.
Here I found that I am loved and also lovable
Now the second part of this command is fulfilled.

Because this is the order: God, myself, and then others.
And although we placed a lot of emphasis on God and others
we neglected to note that we are to love ourselves in process.

We cannot love someone else more than we love ourselves,
but how can we love ourselves unless we are connected to our source?

You see in the first part of the commandment Jesus actually gives us the key.
For if we love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength we are redeemed.

He redeems the value of our original design,
Saying: “I have bought you with a price,
You are mine!”
Because our worth is not determined by what we do,
but revealed in the price He was willing to pay.

It is only in this revelation,
that we have the courage to love ourselves
and this love can flow to the nations.

God  is the source, Love Himself
We need only draw from this wealth.

So it’s God first,  then myself, and only then others.
Love flows from the source, through me, to my brothers.

So may we learn to get the order right
Stand up for love and bring the fight.
For the fight is not to love the world,
But to discover that we are loved by Love Himself.

So go on, give it try
Love God with all you heart, mind, soul, and strength
and discover why for you he died.

Find the love He has for you
Embrace it, and love yourself too.
When you are loved you soon will see
That loving others is quite easy.

Be love.

Question: How do you apply the love of God in your relationships?

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