The Connection habit is a framework for changing your life and relationship by intentionally and repetitively focusing on five areas of your life and relationship in order to build strong and meaningful connection. This is day 5 of the challenge. If you missed the intro you can see it here.

The Connection Habit Challenge – Day 5

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Day 5 – Community and Accountability
Community and Accountability

Today we move the focus to the broader space surrounding our marriage. Every couple is connected to a community and marriage was designed to be a blessing to those around it.

Making the world better

In the film Kingdom of Heaven, the character Balian has this inscription in his workshop: “What man is a man who does not make the world better?”. I want to say: “What marriage is a marriage that does not make the world better?”

The focus for today encourages me to think and live beyond myself and my own needs. It encourages me to be connected to a community where we can contribute as a couple. What good is our relationship if we are not plugged into a space of community where we can contribute?

Not only should our marriage contribute, but being connected in community also strengthens us as a couple knowing that we do not have to go at it alone. It is good to know that we have people in our lives who are there to look out for us.

Strength in community

There is strength in community and although we think we are living in a very connected world through social media, the research actually indicates that people are feeling more lonely and depressed than ever before. Many or even most of our connections are superficial, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Be intentional about connecting to your surrounding community. Be intentional in surrounding yourself with people who you trust to speak into your lives and challenge you when you err, and be intentional about making your marriage beneficial beyond the four walls of your own home.

Mutual Support

Sometimes other people need us as a couple to support them and other times we may need the support of others. Be it as it may, if we desire to flourish in our relationship we cannot neglect this part of the deal.

Write down one thing you can do today to participate and connect to your community as a couple. Don’t stop by just writing it down, but actually take action on your plan.

Remember to put that piece of paper in your pocket as your reminder for the day. Don’t skip this part. This is where the magic happens.

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