The Connection habit is a framework for changing your life and relationship by intentionally and repetitively focusing on five areas of your life and relationship in order to build strong and meaningful connection. This is day 4 of the challenge. If you missed the intro you can see it here.

The Connection Habit Challenge – Day 4

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Day 4 – Strengthening The ConnectionStrengthening The Conneciton

If we want something to grow, we need to take care of it. If we want something to grow, we need to invest time and resources into it. If we want something to grow, we need to intentionally work on it

On our challenge today, we focus specifically on doing something to improve the bond between husband and wife.

I cannot expect my relationship to grow stronger, unless I intentionally work at it.

Not Taking each other for granted

Even though working on the relationship is something we should do every day, in our busy lives it is easy to let a couple of days, weeks, or even months go by without doing something to strengthen the connection. Because we get to do everyday life together, we often take our partners for granted.

Strengthening the connection reminds us to think of the early days of our relationship when we were constantly looking for ways to woo our partner. Putting yourself in this state of mind brings back an appreciation for each other and also makes your spouse feel loved.

Plan a date

A great idea for today is to actually plan a date. Allow yourself to think of ways to express your love towards your spouse. Even if you cannot fit a date night into your schedule today or this week, do something special for your partner.

Remind them of why they chose you in the first place.

Write down one thing you can do today to strengthen your connection and then actually do it.

Remember to put that piece of paper in your pocket as your reminder for the day. Don’t skip this part. This is where the magic happens.

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