The Connection habit is a framework for changing your life and relationship by intentionally and repetitively focusing on five areas of your life and relationship in order to build strong and meaningful connection. This is day 3 of the challenge. If you missed the intro you can see it here.

The Connection Habit Challenge – Day 3

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Day 3 – Goals

Today we focus our attention towards oGoalsur shared goals. Our goals determine our direction and if we are not moving towards some common goals as a couple, we will probably not be growing closer together.

Imagine both of us reach our individual goals, but in doing so we have actually drifted apart. We need to do a reconciliation of our goals to ensure we are working towards a common goal as a team.

Individual and Shared goals

Although it is important to have individual goals, our shared goals are the ones that will deepen and strengthen our connection. Strength lies in unity and when a couple is collectively working towards a shared goal a strong bond is formed.

Where are you going? If we don’t change direction, we’ll end up where we are going.

If you have goals as a team, it’s time to focus on those goals today. If you do not yet have some common goals, then take this opportunity in today’s challenge to actually dream together and start moving into a shared direction.

If you have been thinking and working towards a common goal as a couple, then today is a good time to check in and see where you are in the process and if you are still on track.

Write down what you will focus on for today and remember to use our reminding system discussed on day one.

In the comment section, tell us what you will be focusing on for today: