The Connection habit is a framework for changing your life and relationship by intentionally and repetitively focusing on five areas of your life and relationship in order to build strong and meaningful connection.

The Connection Habit Challenge – Outro

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If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve been following the challenge for the past 5 days. Congratulations on kick-starting the Connection habit in your life. I’m sure you’ve experienced some changes and breakthroughs in your relationship over the past week and I would love to know about them. So please tell us in the comment section below or send your story to

I want to commend you for starting this journey but also want to encourage you to take it further. In her book, Switch on your brain, Dr. Caroline Leaf talks about the brain taking 21 days to form a new habit. This means if you’ve been following the connection habit this week, you have two more weeks to go in order for you to establish this habit into your lifestyle.

In my book “Connection – A Journey Towards Intimacy”, I take you on a 4 week journey that follows this pattern. Each chapter in the book fits into one of the 5 categories of the connection habit and is written to transform our thinking. In other words, after our 4 week journey, you will have passed that 21 day milestone to create a new habit of investing in your relationship.

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Share and help others

Has this challenge been helpful to you? If it has, I want you to share the challenge on social media and tag 2 or 3 couples to join you for another week of the connection habit. If you’re part of a small group that meet on a regular basis, why not take on this challenge as a group and share your experiences afterwards. There really are no boundaries to what you can do with this challenge.

Why Marriage?

Why marriage? During my time teaching in an intermediate school I got to witness first-hand the devastation that broken marriages could have on children’s lives. I’m not only talking about parents who divorce, but also parents who are ill-equipped to navigate their differences in the relationship.

I’m on a mission to equip couples to succeed at marriage and raise up strong and happy communities.

Join me on this mission and challenge other couples to invest time and effort into their marriages. Imagine the difference you could make in the life of a child who can learn and excel at school because they have the foundation that they are loved, because mum and dad was able to pull things together.

Origin and Design

Despite popular belief that women are from Venus and men are from Mars, we both actually originated in the heart of God with the capacity and blueprint to function together as a well-knit team.

Let’s challenge the status quo and show the world what healthy and effective marriages can look like. Let’s make marriage attractive again. Let’s change the world, one marriage at a time!

3 Things you can do today to help marriages succeed:

  1. Challenge 3 couples to take the “Connection Habit Challenge”.
  2. Buy “Connection – A Journey Towards Intimacy” as a gift for a couple you know.
  3. Become a “Connection” course facilitator (Email for more info).

If for some reason you’re reading this but have not taken the connection challenge yet, you can sign up to get the challenge delivered to your inbox for one week.

In the comment section, tell us about your experience with the connection challenge…